Do You Have A Male or Female Brain?

The simplistic picture shows a dark figure poised in a sprinting pose — but do you see him running towards or away from you?

• If you see a man running towards you: You try to solve your problems and pass life’s difficult obstacles using your analytical skills and reason. You learn very quickly once you become curious about something. You’re not a good multitasker, and you’d rather focus on one thing at a time. Once you come up with an idea or you have a strong opinion about something, you are ready to back it up.

• If you saw a man running away from you: Your analytical skills and reasoning are impressive. You rely on your senses and reasoning and you don’t rush when making a decision. You are at your best when you immerse yourself in something creative or you’re creating something from scratch. You’re a great multitasker, and you have an amazing memory. What you can always count on are your intuition and excellent senses!

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