Utah House Falls Down Hill In Dramatic Viral Video: WATCH

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A home in Utah is going viral on social media for a reason you might not expect.

A video captured by Jeremy Nef on TikTok shows his neighbor's home in Draper collapsing and falling down a hill. Since the video was posted over the weekend, it has received nearly 4 million views on the social media app. "The house across the street just fell down the hill," Nef captioned the video alongside three shocked emojis. He also added that the house has "been slowly sliding all year." Thankfully, no one was inside the home, he said.

The home was evacuated in October 2022, USA TODAY reports, citing the Draper City Government. There was one other home that was evacuated and condemned along with the house seen in the viral video. "The (evacuation) notice declared both homes unfit for human habitation and occupancy due to dangerous conditions," the city said. The homes slid due to shifts in the ground, the news outlet reported, which caused sliding and breaking in the homes' foundations. Snowpack melting in the area has also led to safety concerns.

Both homes collapsed Saturday (April 22) and engineers, building officials and public safety officials were on the scene at the time. It was then determined that two more homes adjacent to the condemned properties would also need to be evacuated. While officials investigate the newly-condemned homes, nearby Clark's Trail and Ann's Trail are closed. "Everyone needs to avoid the area. Do not go to the neighborhood where the homes slid. Only residents allowed," the city said. Police will monitor the area.

Users in the comments of Nef's video were quick to flood the comments with hilarious comparisons to home listings online.

"Zillow: Newly remodeled fixer upper with an open floor plan, scenic views and split levels," one user wrote.

"A lovely 5 bed 2.5 bath with detachable 2nd floor," said another.

"When the HOA says one story only," said another.

Watch the video for yourself below:

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