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Oasis Dropped A New Single?! Are We Talking The "R" Word?!!

Stay calm, and don't go too crazy, but Oasis have released a previously unheard version of ‘Columbia’.

Now don't jump the gun, this isn't necessarily a teaser to some kind of reunion, it's part of their upcoming 30th anniversary edition of ‘Definitely Maybe’.

This was announced last month that the reissue of their 1994 debut would be released on August 30.

The release will contain recordings from the abandoned session at Monnow Valley Studios, and outtakes from the recording session at Sawmills Studios in Cornwall. Today's song, is just a preview from the collection, which has been mixed for the first time by Noel Gallagher and Callum Marinho.

‘Columbia’ was the first Oasis song to be written, and was released as a white-label 12” vinyl.

“The Monnow Valley recordings and Sawmill outtakes, now unearthed for the first time, offer a new and compelling understanding of the process that led to the finished article. With its raw edges and restless energy, ‘Definitely Maybe’ always sounded like an album that had arrived fully formed – however the newly revealed versions provide fans with a fascinating new insight into the album; demonstrating the self-belief that drove the early years of Oasis and the determination it took to create their debut.”

So as you can see this isn't some announcement that the brothers have resolved their decades long feud and are finally giving the masses what they've longed for, rather it's just a celebration of one of the biggest moments in modern music history.

Now that doesn't mean that there's no hope of a reunion, cause a small glimmer of that has taken place in recent days when a seat reserved for Noel Gallagher was spotted at Liam’s show at the O2 Academy in London THIS WEEK! A fan spotted the sign laid out on an empty chair in the reserved hospitality box headed by “Metropolis Music”. It's no surprise that Liam has wanted a reunion since the brother that has been steady in his refusal is Noel, so seeing a reservation sign at a Liam Gallagher concert is not out of the blue, but Noel working on the anniversary album, plus the release of the single, plus the sign could be an indication that we might be getting the band back together!

Fingers crossed folks, fingers crossed.

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