Celebrities People Want To Have Sex With The Most

Here is a list of the top celebrities worldwide, both male and female people want to have sex with most as told by Sleep Cupid.


Have you ever thought about sleeping with a celebrity? Who hasn’t right?

Curious to find out exactly which celebrities people think about sleeping with the most…

Sleep Cupid asked over 6,000 people around the world which celebrities they most want to sleep with. We got some expected and lots of very unexpected responses. Take a look for yourself…



Male survey respondents in the USA ranked Kim Kardashian as their number 1 choice. Looks like releasing an adult film makes men think about sleeping with you the most – who would of thought? It probably also helps that Kim is constantly front of mind from constant news coverage too…

Female respondents in the USA ranked George Clooney as their number 1 choice. Clooney’s salt and pepper hair, and natural good looks translate into many women’s dreams. There was plenty of male talent on the list too with Johnny Depp coming in second place.



Male survey respondents in the UK ranked Kate Middleton as their number 1 choice. Too bad she’s taken and any man would have a hard time competing with a prince’s charm (she is married to a prince).

Number 5 was an interesting choice for the men – Charlotte is a reality television star on the UK equivalent of Jersey Shore. None of the Jersey Shore stars got a look in at home but things are obviously different in the UK.

For women in the UK, they couldn’t resist prince charming aka Prince Harry. It’s probably the good looks, endless cash and prince status that does it. Twilight fans also got a look in too with Robert Pattinson getting a place.



Love her or hate her, many men think about sleeping with Avril Lavigne. Male survey respondents in Canada ranked Avril as their number 1 pick to sleep with.

For women in Canada, it was a close result between the two Ryans – Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling. Both super hot celebrities that feature in many women’s night time dreams…if you know what we mean.



The celebrities that our European survey respondents chose were not celebrities we had previously heard of. But we do know one thing about them after Googling their names…the men and women of Europe are hot.

Like the women of Brazil, the women of Europe highly rate soccer players. With so many beautiful women in Europe, being a soccer player in Europe is a good career choice if you want to be popular with the women.



All we can say about the men’s number 1 pick in Brazil – she is super hot. Anitta is a Brazilian singer and actress who features in many Brazilian men’s thoughts. The other beautiful Brazilian women in survey respondent’s top list did not disappoint either.

For female survey respondents – it’s pretty clear that if you are a soccer player in Brazil – you are getting lots of action. Survey respondents in Brazil showed a lot of love for their soccer players.



The Wolf of Wall Street movie has cemented Margot Robbie in Australian men’s mind as their number 1 choice to sleep with. Australian male survey respondents were highly interested in sleeping with the local super models too.

On the other hand, women were more interested in Australia’s Hollywood talents. Hugh Jackman, probably best known for playing Wolverine in the X-men movie series, was ranked as the number 1 choice by Australian women.

Plus “Hemsworth” is a good surname to have if you are a man in Australia.



The number 1 choice for New Zealand men is a talented hit singer named Lorde. Male survey respondents in New Zealand rounded off the list with famous actresses.

The top 3 choices for female survey respondents in New Zealand were all rugby players. Rugged, tough and strong, the women of New Zealand like the men of rugby. Men of New Zealand take note.



We let all the women around the world who took the survey answer this question because love him or hate him, Donald Trump is the ultimate celebrity of our times. And we thought it would be fun too…

There are two ways to look at this result.

  1. Trump is 70 years old. Not many women want to sleep with a 70 year old man generally. Men around say George Clooney’s age are much more universally appealing. So Trump is still doing pretty well with the ladies for a 70 year old.
  2. On the other hand, with his amount of wealth and presidential status, shouldn’t there be more gold diggers out there who would be interested?

Either way, good luck to any gold digger getting past Melania – she looks pretty tough.

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