Lady Kicked Off Plane Because Of Her Big Ol Boobs

posted by Shane -

So some lady with apparently big boobs, below is an actual picture, was kicked off a Spirit Airlines plane because her "bosom was too exposed." The airlines official statement was that she was drunk. But that doesn't explain why they also kicked off a second unrelated passenger for standing up for the big boobed woman.

I just don't know, crazy world.

Photo: Video Screenshot

And this is how she tried to cover up, but apparently it was too late.

Photo: Video Screenshot

This is the lady that also got kicked off for standing up for and trying to help the other woman. This is her rant on Facebook.

I'm flying to Fort Lauderdale by way of Huston today 8:30am - 5:00pm Because Spirit Airlines wrongfully ejected me from...

Posted by Cathy Supp on Monday, January 30, 2017




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