WATCH: Dude Smokes Crack & Catches Himself On Fire

Drugs er bad mmmkay.

First, don't do drugs.

Second, don't set yourself on fire while doing drugs like this guy did.

Third, the dude is so high he doesn't even know he's on fire.

Fourth, why is the other dude recording in portrait and not landscape?

Fifth, why is the other dude recording and not helping?

What is wrong with society?


Sources said the FDNY and NYPD responded, but by the time they arrived the man had disappeared, and no one could tell them who he was or where he had gone.

The following day, FDNY fire marshals returned to the scene and eventually uncovered the identity of the man, whose name is being withheld, and went to his home.

The victims’ relatives told investigators that unbeknownst to them, he apparently came home Sunday night after the incident and went straight to sleep, leaving them unaware that anything had occurred.

When he woke the following morning and came out of his room, the relatives said they looked at him in shock and asked him, “What the hell happened to you, you are all burned up?” sources said.

The victim, apparently unaware of how badly he was injured, told them he accidentally set himself on fire while smoking crack when he put his still-burning cigarette lighter back in his pocket.



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