Real Life Hunger Games Starting In Russia

Flicker - Stafan Schubert

There's going to be a real life Hunger Games style TV show in Russia where Everything is allowed. And when I say everything...I mean fighting, alcohol, murder, rape, smoking...WHOA THERE NELLY!!! I was OK with the thought of watching all those other things but as soon as it mentions SMOKING!? I'm out of here.

Apparently the idea of the show is to survive and doing what ever it takes to survive.

The contestants have signed injury and death waivers, to protect the creators from liability should something happen to them. 

It takes place on an island and there are like two thousand cameras in place to catch as much of the action as possible, just like the Hunger Games.

All this starts this summer and Russia will be live streaming it over the internet.

If you want to read the full article from the New York Post click HERE or click on the twitter link below.



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