Police Officer By Day - Beauty Vlogger By Night

Seriously bro's this is for girls. But I know we have girls who read this stuff so I gotta toss out something they might like once in a while too. This chick is a police officer by day, and then goes home and vlogs about her beauty tips at night time. Apparently she's got a following. I know nothing about beauty products or how to apply them so I'll let you read the article down below originally by The Sun. Or, maybe watch a video so when your girl talks about this stuff you don't just give a blank stare and nod in agreement.


Leslie Ann, 37, from Pennsylvania, USA, has worked as a police officer for 10 years and began beauty vlogging about two years ago.

Leslie said: “My goal is to be a role model and motivate other girls to just be themselves.

“If you want to pursue a male dominated career, you can still be girly and do the job well.

“It is the only profession I wanted to pursue since I was little and I feel comfortable and confident within the police department.”

The crime fighter is passionate about both policework and her beauty tutorials, creating The Beauty Cop as a brand.


Leslie said: “I get very positive feedback.

“I love when I get a message from a female stating that she is thinking about becoming a police officer.

“Or that after finding my YouTube channel or Instagram they are now inspired to pursue their dream of becoming a female police officer.”

For women wanting to become a police officer, Leslie Ann urges them to pursue their passion.

She said: “Be prepared that there will be obstacles and people that want to see a female cop fail, but have confidence in yourself and that will shine through and gain the respect that you deserve.”

Leslie has always been interested in beauty but began focussing on this after she turned thirty-years-old.

She added:  “I am very proud to be a female police officer and who I am.

“I want girls, especially my daughters, to not feel like they have to choose to be a certain type of girl. It shouldn’t matter what career they want to pursue.

“I love my job as a police officer but I also love being a YouTube beauty blogger.”

For more information see The Beauty Cop on YouTube.



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