WATCH: Mexico Installed Seats On Subway With Dildos On Them

Photo: Video Screenshot

Serious question: which subway seat would you be more comfortable sitting on–one with a river of a homeless man’s urine or one with a large flaccid penis in the center of it?

This question is just a hypothetical to everyone who doesn’t live in Mexico, as Mexican officials have installed ‘sexist seats’ on Mexican subway carts–which are constructed to resemble a man’s body, complete with nipples, a chest, abs and, yep, a flaccid penis.

This stunt is just the latest campaign by the Mexican government to highlight the abundance of sexual harassment in the country. According to the New York Post, 65 percent of women revealed that they have been groped, cat-called or otherwise harassed on a bus or train.


Underneath the seats are signs explaining their purpose and are designated for men only. “It’s uncomfortable to sit here, but it doesn’t compare with the sexual violence that women suffer in their everyday lives,” each sign reads.

This unconventional campaign was put into play following of a campaign that established an anonymous, all-female public transport police unit that would lurk in the subway carts and try to catch gropers and cat-callers in real time.

Officials also released a video as part of the campaign, and it goes without saying but, most men do not enjoy the sensation of an unwanted penis up their butts. So, in that metric, I think we can label this campaign a success.

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