Dad Wets Himself To Make His Embarrassed Daughter Feel Better

A little bit weird and a little bit endearing.

You remember when a single Utah mom dressed up as a man in order to take her son to a “Dads and Doughnuts” day at school? Well this story also comes to us from Utah, but this time around it’s a dad doing something quite out there in order to make his daughter feel a tad better.

It all kicked off when a father named Ben Sowards learned this his six-year-old daughter Valerie had an accident at school and urinated on herself. Hey, I did the same thing at Kindergarten while in the reading circle, so I get it. Well it seems that Valerie’s mom Connie told Ben that Valerie had been crying after the accident, and of course wanted to leave school, as she was embarrassed.

“My heart kind of broke,” Ben told BuzzFeed. Well, what did Ben come up with as a solution? Ben pretended to pee his own pants.

Take a look at the tweet below shared by Valerie’s sister, Lucinda — a tweet that has blown up of course.


Here’s a closer look at the photos:

dad pees himself1

Photo: Twitter

dad pees himself2

Photo: Twitter

dad pees himself3

Photo: Twitter

This dad clearly went the extra mile. But Ben wasn’t done, as he walked into the school’s office with his pants all wet. And that was enough to make his daughter smile.

“She looked at me with just the biggest incredulity,” Ben states. “She was laughing about it. It was so funny.”

And of course, everyone was thinking it, but this is what it reminded everyone of:


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