Find Out Who You Look Like In Classic Paintings!!!

If you're looking for something fun to do to waste time while you're at work burning your companies dime, check this out! You can use the Google Arts & Culture App to match your selfie to people in classic paintings! I apparently look like Theodore Roosevelt. That man sure is handsome.

If you need instructions, look below.

Open the Google Arts & Culture App... the first thing you'll will look something like this:

Then scroll down until you see this:

Follow the instructions and it'll take you to the selfie screen where it uses all the Artificial Intelligence to compare your selfie to all the classical artwork Google knows about.

Continue through the steps and swipe through all your matches!

Whalah! And if you get the chance, post your pics in the comments on our Facebook page for this post! I'm curious to see who looks the most famous!



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