What Your Astrological Sign Says About Your Sex Life

Believe in it or not, it is kinda fun to see if it matches up. What's your sign and how good are you in bed??

Aries – Selfish lovers that are likely to be good in bed because they have to be “number one in all they do,” like “give you the most orgasms.” They like control.

Taurus – They like to be touched before, during, and after sex. They’ll also be big on giving instructions on how to please them, earning the nickname of “bossy bottoms.”

Gemini – The get off on “beautiful and seductive adjectives” and they’re big into sexting…even enjoying it more than actual sex.

Cancer – They’ll dig their claws into and “never let go.” They can also be “controlling and emotional.”

Leo – Big into ambiance. We’re talking candles, nice sheets, lighting….the whole deal. They’re into “grandiose declarations of love.”

Virgo – The want it all they can get and can be “complete freaks in bed.” On the surface, they’re “pure and organized,” but kinky underneath it all.

Libra – Can be submissive, and “likes to give up control in the bedroom.” Butt fun can be in the cards, too.

Scorpio – Even the blowing of the wind can turn them on, and they won’t give you a wink of sleep.

Sagittarius – “Aims to please and wants to be inspired by your scandalous desires.” If you’re looking for a dive-bar bathroom or backseat of an Uber encounter, this is your soulmate. Threesomes and moresomes are ideal, too.

Capricorn – The kinkiest of them all. Bondage, BSDM, watching a strip-show…they’re into it all, and more. What you call raunchy, they call “decompressing.”

Aquarius – They like to watch…even porn. Just because they want to watch it, though, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll want to do it. Fantasy is key with them.

Pisces – All about “making their partner happy.” Role play, dirty talk, if you want it, they’ll give it to you.

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