Greatest Power Ballads In Rock, Ranked

Not just any song can be a Power Ballad. It has to move your body and spirit, killer melodies, a beat that rocks, and lyrics that touch your soul. has a list of the top 50 in Rock, take a gander and see where your favorites landed. Or here is the top 20. Any they missed or are out of order for you?

1.  "Purple Rain",  Prince

2.  "Alone",  Heart

3.  "November Rain",  Guns N' Roses

4.  "Don't Stop Believin'",  Journey

5.  "I Want to Know What Love Is",  Foreigner

6.  "Home Sweet Home",  Motley Crue

7.  "Dream On",  Aerosmith

8.  "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)",  Meat Loaf

9.  "Sister Christian",  Night Ranger

10.  "Heaven",  Bryan Adams

11.  "Keep on Loving You",  REO Speedwagon

12.  "Faithfully",  Journey

13.  "Broken Wings",  Mr. Mister

14.  "Heaven",  Warrant

15.  "Total Eclipse of the Heart",  Bonnie Tyler

16. "More Than a Feeling",  Boston

17.  "Open Arms",  Journey

18.  "Against All Odds",  Phil Collins

19.  "Every Rose Has Its Thorn",  Poison

20.  "Wind of Change",  Scorpions


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