Police Make Dying Girls Wish Come True & Let Her Tase Cops


A 16 year old Newark, Ohio girl who has 1-6 months to live because of leukemia has put on her bucket list that she would like to tase somebody, as she remembers seeing her uncle, a State Highway Patrol Trooper, get tased as part of his training. She thought it was hilarious.

Naturally, the police dept. had several volunteers, including her uncle, step up to the plate to grant the dying girl her wish.

Pure Joy.

Most young people would want to meet a celebrity, or go to Disneyland or any of a myriad of things. Not this girl. She wanted to tase her friggin uncle.

Oh, and she wanted to pet a miniature pig too, which the police dept. also had on hand for her. No pun intended.

You go girl. Read the full tear-jerking story HERE or click on one of the twitter links you see on this page.



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